Bespoke, handmade jewellery



Striving to create pieces of jewellery that spark a sense of excitement and elegance.
c jade jewellery south african jeweller sterling silver

Thoughtfully handcrafted jewellery for you.

The finest materials, expertly crafted.

Design and create your next favourite piece

Your custom jewellery dreams brought to life .


Making jewellery not only that you love, but jewellery that makes you feel loved!

An extension of yourself.

Cjade jewellery white gold diamond ring
Cjade jewellery white gold diamond ring

Engagement and Wedding Rings

Custom designed rings for you and your future life partner!

Arquiteqtura Jewelry Collection

Adjustable   ·   18 Karat gold   ·   Hand-crafted

Exuberant Jewelry Collection

19 Karat gold   ·   Pink Opal   ·   Made with love


beautiful long earrings with opal and carnelian earrings are light in weight.

2020 / April