Looking after your jewellery

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Jewellery Care

Although C.Jade Jewellery uses only the highest quality materials, it is the nature of jewellery, especially jewellery that is worn often, to tarnish or start to look a little dull. But if you follow the following guidelines, your jewellery should remain sparkling for years to come!


The first steps in ensuring your jewellery stays clean and sparkling are the following:

  • Store jewellery in a dry and clean spot.
  • When wearing jewellery avoid exposing it to beauty products such as creams and perfumes.
  • Remove jewellery when you sleep, swim, exercise or any activity which may put your jewellery at risk.

As a note and something to remember: each person has different acidity levels in their skin. If the levels are high, you’ll notice your jewellery will tarnish faster. However, if you follow these guidelines you should be good to go!



If your jewellery has started to tarnish or get dirty, you can do the following to make it shine again:

  • Purchase a polishing cloth and use it to polish up your jewellery
  • In a cup of warm water add a drop of liquid dish washing soap. And then use a soft brush (an old tooth brush is perfect for this) to gently clean your jewellery. Don’t forget to try get in under any stones. Dirt often gets trapped under settings, making your stones appear dull.
  • After cleaning, ensure that you rinse and dry your jewellery completely.


Plated jewellery needs some extra attention and care. When a piece is plated, it is covered (plated) with a very thin layer of gold. If you take care of your jewellery, this plating will last longer. It is not advised that you order a ring which is gold plated if you intend on wearing it every day as the plating will fade quite quickly.


Each person will have a different effect on their jewellery. Different lifestyles, skin types and care will determine how quickly your jewellery tarnishes or how often you’ll need to replate.


Ps, if you’d like a thorough clean of your jewellery, please feel free to pop by my workshop and I’d be happy to clean and polish at a small fee. Alternatively, send an email and ill advise you how to go about getting your jewellery back to it former glory! I am also able to replate your jewellery. This is also at an additional cost; please get in touch for pricing as each piece of jewellery is different.