My jewellery mission

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Since the inception of my jewellery journey, I have strived to create pieces that would spark a sense of excitement in people. I not only want the wearer to love the jewellery that they are wearing, but to feel loved while wearing it. An extension of themselves.


It is my mission to make jewellery which is both beautiful and long-lasting and I make every effort to achieve this balance in every detail, design and concept.


Remember that jewellery always fits; it is a way to keep memories alive. In the words of Elizabeth Taylor, “Jewellery has the power of being the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” I concur Liz xoxo

My story

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I’m Callen Jade: lover of the ocean, huge fan of constantly snacking and of course, maker of jewellery. I am the owner of C. Jade Jewellery, a jewellery studio situated in the ever humid, beautiful Durban, South Africa.


From an early age, jewellery has always been a source of fascination for me. Over time, I have gravitated towards more interesting and intricate pieces. These fascinations lead me to and fuelled me through 5 years of studying which landed me with a B-Tech Degree in Jewellery Design & Manufacture.

Where to find me!

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I manufacture all the jewellery you see on this page in a workshop in Glenwood, Durban. If you would like to come visit and see the jewellery I have in stock, please pop me an email and we can make a plan.



Otherwise you can find me at the:


I Heart Market

First Saturday of every month


Market 031

First Sunday of every month