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As a company, I try ensure that all the jewellery I make is of the highest standard. Using the best quality materials, I make pieces of jewellery that are durable and well made.


That’s truly the goal here! Making beautiful, unique jewellery that suits an on the go life style. Jewellery which is fuss free, just beautiful everyday pieces that make you, the wearer, feel wonderful.


In saying this, jewellery is still super delicate and, as much as it pains me to say this, it can break! In this case, and within a 2 month period (from the date you receive your jewellery), you may return the item and I will either replace or repair it at no cost to you.


If it breaks after this time frame, a small cost will be charged. The costs of repairs depend on the damage, so please pop C.Jade Jewellery an email if you have something that needs fixing and a  quote will be sent to you.


Please note that C.Jade Jewellery is not liable for any additional shipping costs.


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