Sapphire is the birthstone of September and one of the most popular gemstones to date! It is part of the corundum family (its sibling is Ruby) and has Mohs hardness of 9 (which adds to its popularity as this makes it quite a hardy gem).


Blue synthetic sapphire sterling silver pendant

The Mini. The perfect delicate sapphire pendant.


They are most popularly a beautiful blue colour, but what many people don’t realise is that Sapphires actually come in a variety of colours! Ranging from yellow, green and the most sought after colour (after the famous blue) is an orange/pink colour called padparadscha (try say that out loud). 


A padparadscha Sapphire.


As I mentioned, they share the category of corundum with Rubies. This means that as soon as a sapphire appears more red than pink, it’s classified as a Ruby. Which is something that I find so fascinating! For the longest time, I thought that a lot of gems had nothing to do with each other, but many share similar properties and what sets them apart from each other is just the mineral or component that gives each their individual colour and ultimately their name. 


Parti Sapphires are another interesting colour variety. They include two or three colours in the stone in blues, greens and yellows, emulating similar iridescent colours to peacock feathers, as in the picture below. These can look SPECTACULAR in jewellery! As a jeweller, I really hope that stunning gems like these become more popular and that people will want to experiment with colours in their jewellery, especially in engagement rings.


Parti Coloured Sapphire

Parti Coloured Sapphire


As with Rubies, you can also find Star Sapphires which in certain lights exhibit lines of white along the gem. The video below displays this play of light amazingly.



When people look for sapphires, they want the very vivid blue colour that they are famous for and for this reason they are often heat-treated to intensify their colour. This process is permanent and is widely accepted in the jewellery trade (a separate post about treated gemstones will be posted soon). Untreated sapphires may be a little less vibrant but not any less beautiful!


Blue sapphire and platinum twisted band ring cj jade jewellery

A platinum and sapphire wedding band


In a spiritual and historical context, they are very highly regarded. It has been used for thousands of years by many cultures as a sacred gem. Using it to promote spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and healing. A major spiritual aspect of the gem is its ability to promote truth and clarity. 

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