Sizing guides

Learn more about sizing

The following images and charts are here to help guide you in determining the correct sizes for your various jewellery pieces. Ring sizes, chain lengths and bracelet sizes are all very important. It not only allows me to quote you accurately but it ensures that your jewellery fits, and fits well!

In saying that please use them as what they are: guides. The most accurate way to size jewellery is by visiting a local jeweler or coming in to see me!

Ring sizing chart

ring sizing chart UK

The most accurate way to get your finger sized is to physically go into a jewellery shop and let them professionally size your finger.  But we do understand that sometimes this not possible. If you are unable to get your fingers sized, you can follow the following simple steps:


  • Using a sharp pencil (preferably a clutch pencil for accuracy) trace the inner circumference of your ring.
  • Draw a line through the widest part of the circle (its diameter)
  • Measure this line in millimetres.
  • Use the ring sizing chart on the left to determine your size.


Please send your ring size, however you might have got it, in a UK size (we follow the same measurements here in SA)


And just a ps. I can’t be held liable for an incorrect size! If sizes are wrong, resizing will come at a fee. Our best advice? Get sized professionally at your local jewellery store or get in touch and we can make a plan to size you.

Most of our pendants have the option of being made using a 40, 45 or 50cm chain. Here is a guide as to where these chains hang but please use it only as a reference as everyone’s neck and chest are different.


If you would like a longer or shorted chain, please get in touch with me and we can arrange it. Please note there may be additional costs involved.


Our standard 40, 45 and 50cm chains can also be purchased separately for R180 each.


Chains are delicate and therefor need to be handled carefully. C.Jade Jewellery cannot, unfortunately, be held responsible for broken chains.

Chain length chart

cjade jewellery chain length guide

Measuring for a bracelet

All our bracelets come standard as 19cm chains. Please measure and check what length chain you require for bracelets. Similar to figuring out your ring size, simply use  measuring tape or a piece of paper to find out the length of the chain required.


How it sits and fits on your wrist is up to personal preference.


If it is longer or shorter than the standard size, please add it as a note in your order.