All you need to know about Lab Diamonds

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Diamonds have been and will always be a wonderful option for and engagement ring (or any piece of jewellery). They are beautiful, durable and super versatile (hello fancy colour diamonds!). 


BUT… It’s no secret that these qualities come with a big price tag. And that is where lab grown diamonds come in! 

I’ve been using these sweet babies a lot over the recent years and at first i get very skeptical looks/questions about them. 


The main question: are they REAL diamonds? 


The answer: YESSSSS! 

Here’s what you need to know about them: 


  1. they share all the same physical and chemical qualities as natural/mined (n/m) diamonds. 


  1. They are visually identical to n/m diamonds.


  1. They are graded, just as n/m diamonds: cut, clarity, colour, carat.


  1. They cant be told apart by the naked eye from n/m diamonds.


  1. They use approximately 50% less resources and energy to be grown than their mined counterparts. 


And they are much more affordable. They are however, still diamonds and you will be spending a decent amount on them, just not nearly as much as a Natural or mined one. 


At the end of the day, the decision is up to you, your budget and your preferences. But it’s always good to have the options and knowledge to make these decisions.

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