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Moss agates have and are growing in popularity both for engagement rings and everyday pieces. And I understand why. They are simply stunning and each one is completely unique and beautiful. 

c jade jewellery south african jeweller sterling silver

So I thought I would do a little breakdown of what they are and if they are good for everyday wear. 


Type of Quartz


Moss agates are agates (duh) which fall under the category of Quartz. You’ll be familiar with gems such as Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet and Rose Quartz, and agates share the same properties of these gems. 

c jade jewellery South African jeweller sterling silver



Their name is pretty self explanatory. They look like they have moss growing in them! These “moss” patterns occur when the agate is forming and the iron in these inclusions oxidise and turn green/brown/red. 

c jade jewellery South African jeweller sterling silver



Moss agates have a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale (diamond is 10, sapphire and ruby are 9). So this puts agates at a spot where they are high enough on the scale to be a good choice for every day where. 


However, they aren’t indestructible. Every gem is fragile, you have to look after them all (yes even a diamond can crack, chip or break). 


When it comes to agates, their durability is good, but you just need to be careful. Avoid harsh chemicals and take them off when high impact could be possible. I would actually give this advice about most gems, so don’t let this put you off these stunning gems. 

c jade jewellery South African jeweller sterling silver



To clean your moss agate jewellery (and most gem stone jewellery), soak your piece in warm water with some dishwashing liquid. Then take a soft brush, like an old tooth brush, and give the stone a little scrub (make sure to get under the setting where dirt may have accumulated). Don’t use any other harsh chemicals as some moss agates are more sensitive than others. 




Moss agates are very affordable and you can purchase one that is a decent size without breaking the bank. 

There you have it, the moss agate basics! It’s an incredibly beautiful stone, you’ll never find two that are the same and its a wonderful alternative to use in both everyday jewellery as well as in engagement rings. 


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