Getting to know C.Jade Jewellery

Hi there!


This is my first journal post for my website and hopefully one of many! If you are new here, then welcome! If not, welcome back!!


As a growing business I believe that it’s important to grow a good relationship with your customers and in doing this I’ve had to decide whether or not to communicate as myself, Callen, or as a brand, C.Jade Jewellery. I have tried out both and personally to communicate as authentically as possible, I find that just chatting as myself, using my experiences and beliefs as a spring board for the content and jewellery I create and share has been the best!


c jade jewellery south african jeweller sterling silver


In saying that, if you are interested, here are some things about me and my brand that I’d like you to know:


  • C.Jade Jewellery comes from combination of my 1st and 2nd names: Callen Jade.


  • I’m a solo boss babe who makes all the jewellery you see on this website. It is all hand made by my little (but strong) hands! It’s definitely a dream of mine to grow my business and eventually employ other jewellers, but at the moment it’s me, my tools and my jewellery dreams doing all the work!


  • I’m heavily influenced by the ocean (hello Durbs), nature and unusual/ interesting shapes and forms


  • If I could work solely with interesting gems stones, I would be on that train yesterday! Yes diamonds are pretty, but their are so many BEAUTIFUL gems stones out there waiting to be made into unique pieces of jewellery.


  • I love getting to know you and creating pieces of jewellery that encapsulate you. I enjoy involving you in the creation and designing of your jewellery.


  • The jewellery I make is aimed at people who want pieces that they can wear every day and not worry about it. For this reason I only use the highest quality materials and manufacture everything with an on the go life style in mind.


c jade jewellery south african jeweller sterling silver


I hope this answers some questions about C.Jade Jewellery and myself.

Keep an eye on this section of my website for informative articles about gem stones, different materials, hows its made and a whole bunch of behind the scenes content.