Looking after your gold plated jewellery

c jade jewellery south african jeweller sterling silver

I’ve come across a few jewellery brands that say they don’t offer gold plating. Only solid metals. Which I get, but don’t fully agree with. Now I’m not slating any one, each brand is different. 


As a business you have to decide what’s most important to you, and one of those things for C.Jade Jewellery is that I want jewellery to be accessible to as many people as possible. So if that means I can cater for the gold loving gals and guys that can’t yet afford to purchase solid gold by offering a budget friendly option, then I will. 


Yes, plating sterling silver gold means that EVENTUALLY the gold will rub off. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a quality piece of jewellery. 


c jade jewellery south african jeweller sterling silver

So, what’s my point? There are steps that you can take to ensure your plating lasts longer and here they are: 


  1. No sports or swimming while wearing your plated jewellery.
  2. Take your jewels off while you sleep
  3. When storing them, put them in a spot where they wont rub against other pieces (a sealed bag or box in a dry, dark and cool place)
  4. Don’t apply perfume/creams/makeup while wearing your jewels (put them on afterwards).
  5. Wearing them for special occasions instead of daily.


c jade jewellery south african jeweller sterling silver

It takes a bit more effort and care than solid gold jewellery, but it’s worth it! And replating your pieces is easy, quick and affordable.


Ps, did you know that your first replating of your C.Jade jewellery is completely on the house? If you feel your C.Jade piece needs a little TLC, get in touch and we can give it its golden shine once more! 


Callen Jade XXX