Why it is a good idea to shop local

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain from Mrp. Who doesn’t love scoring a cute tee for 50bucks? But there are so many (and more fulfilling) reasons to buy from small, local businesses, especially this 2020 Christmas!


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  • No malls! I feel like this one is obvious haha. As it is malls during Christmas are HECTIC. Throw in the threat of a global pandemic and you have a recipe for disaster. By shopping either online or at small markets, you eliminate a bunch of stress and unnecessary exposure to people.


  • Keeping money local. By shopping small you keep money circulating locally instead of it going straight to the big companies (who are often internationally based).


Market fun!


  • New businesses. Since lockdown affected so many people financially, so many people had to get creative to make ends meet! Your aunty might be crocheting or your friend might be baking, SUPPORT THEM! We need to help each other out now more than ever.


  • Better quality. Mass-produced items are generally designed to be easy, quick, and cheap to make. when you buy from a small business the products are well made, with care, love, and (hopefully) locally sourced materials. On top of this, you get a personal connection and service from the business.



  • Eco-friendly! Yep, I will always go there. Less shipping, less packaging, less fuel, fewer resources. By shopping small and local you eliminate so much unnecessary waste. So you’re getting a good quality product AND you’re being an eco-warrior- GO US!


I could go on and on about this, but who wants to read an essay in their spare time, AMIRITE? So what I hope you take from this is by being mindful of where you shop from makes such a big impact! This Christmas, and in the future, let’s come together and support the people around you who are pouring their heart and soul into a product that will trump any mass-produced item by far!

Callen Jade XXX