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Yes, yes! another article about being eco friendly and sustainable! It is all over at the moment and it can become a little overwhelming at times! But in my opinion, that is an amazing thing. If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have told you that me not littering made me a good eco-friendly person. But there is so much more information out there now and it has taught me that being eco friendly is more involved than that but only really means that your decisions need to be more thought out and mindful.


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As a company, I have been wanting to implement some more mindful, eco-friendly aspects to my business. But you know how it goes: life gets in the way and you have a million things to think about and without thinking: WOOPS you bought a plastic bag at checkers! It happens!


So as it happens about a month ago I thought: Enough excuses! Let’s make C.Jade Jewellery more eco friendly and start putting my money where my mouth is!

There are going to be more changes, but so far these are the changes I am going to be putting in place over the next week or two:


  • Meilie Mailers for couriering orders: This bag will be replacing the Aramex and Postnet bags that I am currently using. Through Courier Guy, I will be sending your parcels in 100% reusable and compostable bags. They also maintain a carbon-neutral delivery. Ultimately that means that for every delivery made, there are trees being planted that will offset the carbon emissions which result from that delivery.  Read More here.


  • Biodegradable bubble wrap alternative: Instead of wrapping your parcels in bubble wrap or plastic, it is being replaced by Meilie Mailers alternative which is 100% compostable.



  • Non-bleached paper bags and tissue paper for smaller orders– I have been using pink and green packaging thus far but what I didn’t realise is that the dye used is toxic and you, therefore, cant chuck them in a compost heap without putting some bad chemicals into your soil. Unbleached or no toxic ink means that you can safely compost the packets and tissue paper you get from me.


  • Calico fabric bags for bigger orders-  calico is an unbleached, undyed fabric. It is made from natural cotton fibers. unlike the cotton material you often see, it is less processed and therefore has a more natural and unfinished look, and you’ll often see darker flecks which are the cotton seeds! It’s biodegradable, durable and natural! What more could you want in a bag?




  • Growing paper for my labels and cards: This will be replacing my Pendant and earring cards that you receive. The paper contains hardy seeds that once planted will grow from the paper. the paper itself is 100% recycled and the company uses 10 tons of post-consumer waste paper per year, thus keeping it out of a landfill. The ink that they use is water-based and therefore non-toxic! yay! Read more here.


This is just the start and I am so excited about what’s to come. These changes will happen slowly, so if you receive my old packaging: I am not lying, it is just all getting phased in!

If you have any more eco-tips or ideas for me, please let me know, I am always open to suggestions.


Callen Jade XXX