I got engaged (and the story behind the ring)

WOOOOO!  We got engaged.

It was lovely and exactly what I wanted. Small, intimate and surrounded by my close family members (sans a few that couldnt make it, but that just means more celebrations in the future, yaaay). And of course the best part of it all? I get to marry and be with my best friend forevs!



While I could go on about our undying love, what I really wanted to chat about is engagement rings. As a jeweller I did feel a sense of pressure to have something perfect and pretty spectacular, and I am sure most people feel that way too. It’s just the way society has groomed us! And I know that the partner who is doing the buying feels immense pressure and stress to get it right and for it to be absolutely perfect the first time around.


That is why I decided I wanted to do things a bit backwards and it is the reason I asked for the wedding band as my engagement ring. It is the most stunning 18ct white gold band with beautiful floral hand engraved details. Simple, comfortable and something I dicsussed with my partner before hand.


So here are the three reasons I chose to tell my now fiancé exactly what I wanted and why we did the whole wedding band thing first.

  • So I would get what I REALLY wanted. At risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, I really didnt want to get a ring that I didnt like. That would just be a waste of money and a dissapointment on for both partners.


  • I would play a part in the designing of the “main ring”. This is the most fun part, why not do it together?


  • We have a longer time to save up. Generally the engagement ring costs more then your wedding band. Doing it this way, I get to take my time to source stones and we both get more time to save up the cash to get a ring we are both SUPER excited about.


  • Why stick to tradition?  Im a sucker for going against the grain and why not get engaged with a simple, elegant and beautiful ring? Heck, I would be happy with just this ring for the rest of my life.



My point? Dont stick to traditions if you dont want to. Dont get sucked into buying something you cant afford. And if a huge rock on your finger is what youre after, then save up! And chat to your partner! Knowing what each other want wont ruin the surprise. I was none the wiser haha!

ps. Im all about being open and honest here and on my socail media platforms. If you have any questions regaurding engagement rings, wedding bands or any kind of special jewellery, please fell free to contact me. I will work with what you want to spend and we will create something special!

Callen Jade XXX